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What Every Family Should Know before They Choose a Dentist:

Category Characteristics & Facts What This Means to You
Atmosphere Dental practice atmosphere can greatly affect your feeling of ease and comfort during treatment. At Refresh Dental, we offer our patients an attractive and comfortable office because we know that a nice atmosphere can help you have a much more relaxing dental experience.
Comfort Many dental practices rely heavily, or solely, on injections to numb areas of your mouth. Offices using state-of-the-art dental materials like Refresh Dental can do many treatments without the need for shots!
Conservatism Some offices will try to “sell” you expensive and invasive dental care that you feel you may not need. Our dentists at Refresh Dental offer you several options, explain your options to you thoroughly, and suggest conservative dental treatment.
Cost All dentists listed on your insurance plan charge the same amount. You don’t have to go to a chain clinic to receive affordable dental care. At Refresh Dental we offer several financial options.
Financing Some dental offices require total payment for all work out-of-pocket, and they require payment upfront. We offer flexible financing, especially for more extensive dental treatments. We also offer payment plans through CareCredit®.
Hours Many dental offices offer limited hours of operation. You deserve to find a dental office with hours convenient for you and your family’s busy schedule. That is why Refresh Dental is open 7am–7pm, Monday–Friday.
Quality Some dental offices use “off shore” dental labs to make their patients’ dental work. At Refresh Dental, we use a local laboratory because local labs offers fewer shipping delays, more one-on-one attention, and support for the local economy.

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